From the recording Revenge Of The Birds


Don't let your puddy tat outside
Don't let your puddy tat outside
If you let puddy tat outside
Your puddy tat is going to die

There's been some high altitude squaks
Between the herons and the hawks
The death of Tweety wasn't right
And now the time has come to fight.

Revenge of the birds
You get what you deserve
If you let your cat outside
Your cat is going to die

Fluffy walked out the kitty door
The same as she done a hundred times before
Walked up and over alley cars
Sat on a fence to watch the stars

Fluffy had never hurt a fly
But as she pondered the night sky
An unrepentant bird of prey
Sidestepped the stars and carried Fluffy away

Her parents knew what cats had done
To the bird population
But they let her out all the same
And now they search for Fluffy kitty girl in vain

Don't let your puddy tat outside