Old Derelicts is a punk rock band from the Vancouver area. Formed in March 2013 and after a few lineup changes on bass and adding a second guitar you have OD's current lineup.

Vocals: Jay Flett
Guitar, Vocals: Chris Stefanidis
Drums: Stephen Gunn
Bass: Jesse Smith
Guitar: Owen Reimer

Some of their influences include Discharge, Poison Idea, The Exploited, Section 46, Atrosity, Black Sabbath, Circle Jerks

"Take it Back is the natural extension of that unbridled aggression and innate ability. The product of endless frustration and inspired genius, the debut album is as lean as they come—all killer and no filler.... Audio Napalm, punk rock nirvana hot enough to singe your hair..."
Chris Walters, 2015

Their debut LP "Take it Back" was recorded right here at Kick Rox. Available Now!